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Chanel Suprmarket

Video – Chanel Fall 2014 Backstage

Aah Karl – such a genius. Only he could create an entire Chanel SUPERMARKET (complete with aisles and aisles of divine double-C products) to showcase his latest Fall collection. This is a fabulous look at the show with an interview with Karl and commentary from the fash pack on how social media is changing the landscape of fashion shows. As always, Karl is ahead of the field and right on the money.



New Beauty Breakdown! Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014

Ah the couture. Magical clothes that are made by the world’s most skilled artisans, and designed by the greatest fashion minds of our time, with price as no object. Could there be anything more beautiful?

The redoubtable Karl Lagerfeld has done it again at the Chanel Haute Couture show last week, creating a dazzling collection that culminated in Cara Delevigne as the bride, wearing trainers. Which sounds like so many shades of wrong until you see it, when you realise it captures fashion’s current mood perfectly.

And the makeup! Peter Philips has done it again with a simple, ethereal gorgeous makeup featuring a silver glitter liner under the eye. Here’s the Chanel products he used:


  • Perfection Lumiere Velvet New Foundation Collection (available in April)
  • Eclat Lumiere concealer
  • Poudre Universelle Libre


  • Ligne Graphique de Chanel “Noir-Noir” (N°10)
  • Le Crayon Khol “Clair” (N°69)
  • Mascara Volume de Chanel “Black” (N°10)
  • Eyelash Curler de Chanel
  • Crayon Sourcils
  • Le Sourcil de Chanel


  • Blush Joues Contraste “Espiègle” (N°65)


  • Rouge Coco Shine “Satisfaction” (N°89) – (from the “Variation” Collection available March)


  • Le Vernis “Frisson” (N°543)

PS If you want to get your paws on that silver glitter, MAC do a fabulous range of glitters, or a theatrical makeup store should be able to help you find something just as gorgeous. I like Screenface, Charles Fox or Guru Makeup when I’m in London, or in Sydney you could try my favourite makeup artist store, Scotty’s Makeup on Broadway.

Chanel Les Beiges

In My Kit: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Powder

When you’re a makeup artist, every now and then it’s time to give your kit a good clear-out and find room for some of the beautiful new products (and colours, and textures) that have been released recently. I say “clear-out” because if you just keep adding new collections to your standard “can’t do without it” kit, pretty soon you’re overloaded like a pack horse on a trip across the Andes – and that way lies certain injury and then many, many Pilates classes and physio to correct it.

So I’ve just been stockpiling my new goodies for the season until I had a day off and could sort everything out, weeding out the colours from last season and stuff I haven’t been using, and making room for some new lip palettes, some re-organised cream blush palettes, NEW eye colours (Tom Ford anyone?), and le piece de resistance, my new set of Chanel Les Beiges powder.

Let’s just preface that by saying I haven’t carried pressed powder since about 2007. I found it was extra weight in my kit when translucent loose powder would do just as well, and in addition I find most coloured pressed powders tend to cling to the skin and provide an extra layer of coverage that you don’t want. At worst the finish can look heavy and granny, at best they were extra pieces of glass and plastic and powder that I was carrying around in an overloaded kit. So when I got the chance to try the new Chanel Les Beiges Healthy powder, I was a bit dubious since every coloured pressed powder I had so far tried, I hadn’t much liked as they added colour throughout the day when you re-apply on set (there are probably others that don’t but I haven’t tried them).

Les Beiges is bloody fantastique – I like to call it ‘Complexion Perfection’. I have been using it on myself religiously for the last couple of months and it’s bumped every powder I own off the charts. I now have a full set to put in my kit so I will be able to powder, contour and provide VERY soft bronzing to pretty much any client I come across.

It’s hard to describe, as it’s just not like anything else I have ever tried. It provides a very soft focus finish to the skin yet eliminates any greasy finish or oily look to the skin with a very minimal application. Even if you grab the first brush you can find and really swipe it on, it doesn’t seem to overload and get powdery. You can EVEN (gasp) use the brush that Chanel have provided with it, and swipe it on with that and you get a perfect finish, every time. Also it seems to last hours and just make your skin look exactly the right level of radiance – not dewy or shiny, but perfectly healthy. You can re-apply during the day without the colour building and making you look like something out of Miami Vice, but most days I don’t find it necessary to re-apply.

You can use the deeper colours as a contour. It’s PERFECT as a soft and very natural bronzer for the very fair complected as it’s sort of peachy and not terracotta or orangey-bronze, and it’s not shimmery. I’ve been testing this for ages and ages (easily two months) as I just wanted to make sure that I was right, and it is actually that amazing. I’ve been telling all my clients about it and all I can say is it’s pretty much changed my powder life.

Now I just need to get it in my kit…

Australian readers will be happy to know that Chanel Les Beiges will be on-counter at David Jones, Myer and Chanel boutiques from today.

cram blush

An Ode to Cream Blush

When the weather in the Northern hemisphere starts warming up, and the beach (or at least a patch of green grass in the park) starts beckoning, I know it’s time to start switching up my makeup routine. It’s almost instinctive – powders start feeling goopy and heavy, your skin wants lighter products (with sunscreen!) and you don’t feel like spending lots of time getting ready. In summer let’s face it, everyone generally looks better with a flush of healthy colour.

With that in mind, I love cream products as they are fast, portable, can be dabbed on with a finger and let your natural glow come through. For me in summer, it’s all about cream blushes and bronzers. Here are my picks of the season:

Stila Convertible Colour – these are the prettiest flush you will find in a compact. I carry about 8 in my kit on every makeup job, and pat them on to the apple of the cheek either with my fingers, or with a sponge. You can also blend in with a brush, and my favourite for this is the MAC 187 large duofibre blending brush.

Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek in 03 – this is it, this is the one that I’m personally wearing all summer long. Deceptively pale in its sweet Art-deco inspired pink packaging, it can be built to a gorgeous flush of colour with a subtle shimmer that makes you look uber-healthy.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge – These come in a gorgeous chunky pot and really can be used on lips and cheeks. I love Calypso Coral for a punchy flush of colour and Summer Tan for a monochromatic bronze effect.

NARS Multiples – yes, every one raves about these because they are amazing. The shimmery bronze-y shades are my favourite, and I mix and match St Barts, South Beach and Palm Beach depending on the models’ skin tone. You can also add Malibu or Riviera on the apples of the cheek (if you felt like taking a walk on the wild side.)

Chanel Bronze Universel – a big, chunky beautiful pot of caramel bronze goodness with a hint of shimmer – just enough to look like skin, that you buff in with a big brush. Such a perfect start to the day as well – dipping into a big pot with the double C’s on top.

Becca – juicy, sweet little pans of blush in punchy, unusual colours like Hyacinth, Turkish Rose and Amaryllis. I keep a good selection on hand at all times, and it is equally sweet on lips. This is a lovely range for the summer months as no-one does flattering, natural, juicy summer colours like an Aussie brand, and this one definitely fits the bill.

These are just a few of my favourite cream blushes – The other lovely thing about cream blushes is you can layer them under your powder blush or bronzer to create a new, more longer lasting blush colour. Because cream blush, like summer, will fade. But the memory of it lingers on.


Video – Chanel’s Glitter Blink

Sorry for not posting much lately. I’ve been on a major deadline for the new magazine I’m now beauty writing for, and with makeup and beauty writing my dance card has been pretty full.

I did see this lovely video at the weekend though – another beauty stand out from the shows last season was Peter Phillips’ silver glitter eye at Chanel. Beautiful, big chunky glitter on the lash line and liberally sprinkled into lashes is fashion magic of the finest kind. Get your pixie dust on!

Sidenote – the new Chanel cream blushes out later this year look TO DIE FOR. As in, I may need to book my funeral and prepare my wake because those have just stilled my beating heart.


Marilyn Chanel No5

Video: Marilyn & Chanel no. 5

I was blown away by this beautiful video of Marilyn Monroe and her relationship with Chanel No. 5. As far as I know it is one of the first genuine celebrity endorsements of a product, and certainly one of the most successful. That is quite extraordinary to think of in this age of Krass Kommercialisation, where every celebrity has a raft of brands that they get paid to promote on television, advertising and now also social media.

Not so Marilyn and Chanel No 5. She honestly loved it, and it was the perfume that was famously the only thing she wore in bed. Now on the 50th anniversary of her death, two icons together in an extraordinary piece of lost audio footage that explains why the most beautiful woman in the world loved the world’s best-selling perfume.


Twinsets Chanel

Right Now: Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out with Chanel

Every year Chanel do incredible events for Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out, around the world. Here’s a lovely video from London a couple of years ago, with two of my favourite people, makeup artist Kay Montano and lovely British supermodel, Daisy Lowe, getting into the spirit of the evening:


Chanel is also renowned for launching special, liimited edition products for the occasion, and this year in Sydney is no exception. This Thursday, 6th September, will be the launch of Les Twinsets de Chanel, created exclusively by Peter Phillips, Creative Director at Chanel Makeup. Les Twinsets will be available exclusively at The Chanel Makeup Studio, Myer, Sydney City for Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out.

There are three unique harmonies in the range, matching lips and eyes like a twinset – resolutely feminine.


  • LA PROVOCANTE & PROVOCATION: a unique Autumn plum shade.
  • L’INFIDÈLE & INFIDÈLE: an intense pink with a burst of energy.
  • LA DÉLICATE & DÉLICATESSE: a refined expression of beige to play on the
  • natural side of sophistication.

This is the perfect excuse to indulge in a bit of Chanel lipstick and nail polish action – like you ever need one of those.

Chanel summer couture 2012 - makeup

Right Now: Fly the Friendly Skies with Chanel

Blue Illusion de Chanel

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of using the brand new Spring/Summer Chanel collection on a beauty shoot. Chanel products are always a dream to play with, and this collection even more so than usual as it’s all blues! Mr Lagerfeld must have been reading my recent post about my lust for blue eyeshadow as he has released a whole collection just for me (I like to think so, anyway). Mr Lagerfeld has us taking to the friendly skies with his fabulous new collection – and it made me dream of air travel in the 60’s. Here’s a vintage Pan Am video to get you in the mood:

The collection itself was inspired by air and travel, so it’s a medley of beautiful blue hues that reflect the sky and inky nights (and made me think of Pan Am uniforms). It made its debut at the extraordinary Chanel Couture Spring/Summer 2012 show, where Karl Lagerfeld designed the whole runway and its surrounds as an aeroplane – genius, non? Check out the video:

Pretty much all of this gorgeous collection is a stand-out. For starters, there are two new Ombre d’Illusions, and we all know how I feel about those. There is one pale, sky blue one called Destination which is divine either on its own or as a base for a smoky eye, and another deeper inkier blue called Apparition. It’s beautiful as a solid sweep of colour (as the sparkles give it depth), or combined with Mirifique, up until now my favourite dark Chanel Ombre d’Illusion.

The Ombre d’Illusions range of eyeshadows have to be some of my most favourite, favourite products in the world. Put it this way, if there was a fire and I could only save some of my makeup, these guys would be some of the first rescued! I love these for a smoky eye with a twist.

Then there’s the two new eyeliners (two I tell you! Mr Lagerfeld, you do spoil us) – Marine Intense Eye pencil, which is a deep blackened blue, and Blue Aerien Precision Eye Definer which is a lovely, rich cobalt.

Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Chic is the lip colour to go with it, which is a, well, chic little nothing of a lip. It is on the pale brown side which channels perfectly with the current shift back to the 90’s with its love of brown lipstick. But as this is sheer its easy to wear and very a la mode.

The nailpolish in Skyline continues Chanel’s straight run of stand out polish shades. It’s an incredible, vivid sky blue and such a nice change from the usual bronze/peach/gold summer collections. It makes me think of tropical water, clear blue skies and sunshine and it’s the first thing I’m packing for my current trip to Bali (far more important than say, sunscreen or clothes). If I could float way on this little jewel of a polish colour right now I would.

Also makeup maestro Peter Phillips used all the colours of the new collection IN the Chanel Spring/Summer Couture show. So if you’d like to look like Lindsey Wixon, just head to your local Chanel counter *

 * Gap in teeth and jewel-encrusted Chanel accessories not included.