Video: Lernert & Sander – Natural Beauty

The genius fashion and art website Nowness have this little gem up today – 365 layers of makeup applied in one day. If it sounds hard to get your head around, you should see the results!
Wonderful Dutch model Hannelore Knuts (who I’ve worked with in London, and she is as lovely as she looks), is the canvas, and the makeup is by one of my favourite brands, Ellis Faas. It’s beautiful, and quite confronting – that’s what a year’s worth of makeup looks like.

Lernert & Sander: Natural Beauty on

Right Now: Lancome Juicy Kusama Tubes

Right Now: Lancome Juicy Kusama Tubes

How cute are these new Juicy Tubes from Lancôme? They’re called Juicy Kusama, and they’re not your typical gloss. They feel amazing on, losing the stickiness of glosses of yore as they are specially designed with vitamins to make you feel good. They contain Bisabolol and Sweet Almond Oil, plus a blend of Vitamin C, B5, E and shea butter (the best natural skin softener there is), to protect, heal and nurture dry lips. Plus the colours are cute as well, ranging from sheer strawberry through to pink and peach. AND they have cute designs on the packaging which always makes me smile when I use it.

It’s a limited edition range, so be quick! Available on-counter in Australia from the 10th of July.



Benefits Erase Paste

In My Makeup Kit: Benefit Erase Paste

So this really is the wonder eraser for the under eyes. Of all the concealers I’ve tried, this one covers with just one dab, so it’s perfect for those early mornings when your undereye circles look like they just want to go back to bed and curl up for a few more hours sleep. (A bit like their owner). But! Before you go racing off to invest, there are two drawbacks that you need to know about.

It only comes in three shades, so it’s nor for everyone. My skintone is literally the colour of Barbie (as in, melted plastic pink), so it’s perfect for me and this lives both in my kit and in my personal makeup bag, since it’s just so quick and easy. But you really need to be able to try it on to ascertain whether its amazingness is going to work on your skintone.

Also be careful not to overdo it – it’s a very creamy (yet covering) formula, but if you just blob it on, it can get a little bit goopy. Also it does need to be set with a loose powder to prevent creasing later on.

Having said that, if it IS a good colour on your skintone, it’s phenomenal as an everyday concealer. The little pot will last you a lifetime of early morning starts and undereye blitzing, and a little dab really will do ya. This truly is Erase Paste.

Video: Aaron de Mey for Lancôme

Check out this triple video extravaganza of amazing makeup artist Aaron de Mey, working with the new Teint Miracle foundation and concealer from Lancôme. Aaron de Mey is the Creative Director at Lancôme worldwide, and has had significant input over the last couple of years in making their already beautiful and luxurious products younger and cooler than before. Did I mention he’s also one of the world’s most in-demand editorial makeup artists? Well he is – his work regularly appears in Vogue, W, Numero – all the best places really! Originally from NZ, now based in NY, he’s an MM fave. Watch a master at work.

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

In My Makeup Kit: Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

I have dinosaur paws at the moment, with hands that feel as rough as a stone mason’s. Not the best look when you use your hands for your living! Enter some serious hand hydration by way of Jurlique Rose Hand Cream. It has Safflower Seed Oil and Macadamia Oil too soothe even the most wizened claws, and it smells like a rose garden (not a rock garden).

I love Jurlique skincare – it’s an Aussie wonder brand that grows all its own plants on farms in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, and the quality of everything I have tried from them is just beautiful. I am also using their Love Balm lip balm a lot at the moment, as it’s very hydrating with Olive Oil, Soybean Oil and yet not too shiny (so it’s also great on shoots, especially if you’re doing male grooming! Lucky I have two).

I decided yesterday whilst looking at my super dry hands, thanks to too much handwashing (OCD anyone?) that I’m just not spending enough time pampering. So if your paws are feeling more Stone Age than Betty Rubble’s, get your mitts on this.

Video: Chanel Strike a Pose

This was totally not the post I had ready to write (I have LOTS of products to post about), but bien sûr, what did I find but another amazing video from the Chanel studio. Now they have put their mind to doing digital they are doing it better than anyone else – to be expected from the greatest fashion house in the world. Here Peter Phillips creates a range of faces, using old Chanel ads, and playing with makeup to create something new, and yet completely Chanel.

gisele love magazine charlotte tilbury

Update on Tom Ford Beauty

I’ve been doing a little beauty digging and I have found out that NOT ONLY will Mr Tom Ford be releasing a full makeup line in September, he has also co-opted the talents of major British makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, to assist with the development of the line. Charlotte works constantly with top photographers Mert and Marcus, does runway all over the world and countless British Vogue covers – so the long and the short of it is I can’t wait for September to see what this new line has to offer.

Video: Karl Lagerfeld Shoots the Pirelli Calendar 2011

It’s definitely nudity, but not as we know it – this is nudity in its highest art form. The world’s most beautiful women, shot by one of the most celebrated artists of our time, Karl Lagerfeld. Natasha Poly, Lara Stone, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Julianne Moore and Freja are just some of the gorgeous models in this year’s Pirelli calendar, based on the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. Makeup by Peter Phillips, and hair by Sam McKnight.



Lata Stone Tom Ford Beauty

Right Now: Lara Stone for Tom Ford Beauty

Lara Stone Tom Ford
My current favourite supermodel, Dutch beauty Lara Stone, is fronting the new Tom Ford Beauty campaign, shot by uber photographers Mert and Marcus. LOVE this campaign – she looks major and there’s some serious makeup happening – which leads me to wonder, is Monsieur Ford planning on releasing more than new lipsticks this season?
Lara Stone Tom Ford